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We help talented people

or charity events

STRATEGY : Buy $NFTL / create your project / exchange your skills for $NFTL /

Automatic harvest farming for each transaction in the portfolio / sell your harvest

$NFTL is a Governance and DeFi Token (decentralized finance).

Our team has been in the crypto and stock market world since 2018. To help you choose or simply to avoid you having to wait years to gain expert insight, we share our market positions with all investor team members. There are several ways to become a member - just contact us on X (twitter) for a quick reply.

Observer le marché boursier

You have a New crypto project, or NFT Project Contact us. We will help you increase the visibility of your project in exchange for $NFTL tokens. We will test your project. If everything is ok. We will take care of some of your marketing. We can also create a token for you or build a crypto-currency checkout system.

$NFTL Soldier 

$NFTL soldiers earn +10% on all games organized by the NFTL team. This cancels out the tax on $NFTL crypto-currency transactions. 

$NFTL soldiers have additional missions and can therefore earn more crypto.

Application de fitness

NFT certification for profile picture

Become a $NFTL soldier by wearing an NFT from our collections as your profile picture and if you have tokens, talk about the project everywhere, you and the whole community will be rewarded.

To certify an NFT profile picture : 
Put our website in your twitter bio (or other social media) and your public wallet address to verify that you have a certified #NFT profile picture. The #NFT transaction will be verifiable.


Total Supply :

21 Million

Circulating Supply :

11 Million

Team :

1.2 Million


9.9 Million 

Staking in Wallet

4% tax distributed

to holders' Wallet

$NFTL Contract on BSC : 


Simple strategy :

💰 To have is to receive, for each trade, holders receive tokens.
🗣 give life and talk about $NFTL: it also means supporting artists.
💫 pay with: fast transaction P2P. 
💞 We call it a financial virtuous circle. 

We invite you to create things around $NFTL and our NFTs because if you have $NFTL token in your wallet and our NFTs, anything you build around our project will pay off for you too. We have a community token and NFTs prices increase over time.

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