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You should know that all our NFTs are protected by the blokchain. When you take an NFT from the $NFTL project, the token representing your NFT in your wallet serves as a property title.

Sometimes websites display your NFT incorrectly and that's why we guarantee the preservation of the work on multiple media. And this is available upon request and after verification that you have the title of property, the NFT in your portfolio.

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NFTs of the $NFTL Team


NFTs on opensea

NFTs on Tezos


​Collection started on September 15, 2022

Digitized artworks of our team's artists, to collect. Various uses will be attributed if you hold our NFTs. The first use is to become $NFTL soldier and advocate on the web for the work of artists around the world. 

It is a collection of unique NFTs in partnership with artists.

Various benefits are unlocked when you hold these NFTs.

You will earn a higher % in organized games, some unicus allow you to have a higher chance of winning in games of chance like the lottery.

Collection of NFT in partnership with artists and at an affordable price.
These NFTs also unlock benefits like receiving 10% more in games organized by the $NFTL project if you become a $NFTL Soldier.

$NFTL project on the tezos blockchain :

It's a collection in partnership with different artists than those we only see in the blockchain. There are more usual artists from the world of painting, photography or make-up.

For now, this is in development, but as far as physical objects such as clothing or framed pictures, it works on demand.

All these NFTs keep their functions. But they will be available only for buyers in physical stores. From September 14, 2022 we will gradually remove them from the sale via cryptocurrency. They will be available only to people who have in their possession a physical item from our store. They will be titles of property. 

they will be set aside and distributed to holders of similar physical objects who request them. Thus the similar objects will be in limited series because equal to the number of NFTs remaining.

thanks to the name of the NFTs you will be able to see them on our pinterest account if the hosting site is bad and does not allow to see it correctly.

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