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Gold, silver and $NFTL Project

What the $NFTL team thinks about gold and silver :

The value of having silver and gold has been treasured since ancient times and remains one of the most sought after assets. From a financial perspective, gold and silver can act as a hedge against economic and political instability, protecting wealth during times of economic turmoil. Gold and silver have also been used as a safe-haven asset, as they tend to hold their value even when other investments decline. Furthermore, gold and silver are excellent stores of value, meaning they tend to retain their purchasing power over time. It is for all these reasons that the team decided to invest in gold and silver and give our members access to a portion of our holdings in the form of NFT.

What are the possible uses of these metals apart from their value :

In addition to their financial advantages, silver and gold also have a number of benefits from a practical standpoint. Silver has many industrial uses, such as in electronics, jewelry, and silverware. Gold is used in many products, including jewelry, computers, and dentistry equipment. Both metals are also used in the production of coins, which can be used as a form of currency.

Why the team likes to have physical gold or silver :

Having silver and gold also has psychological benefits. Many people view silver and gold as a tangible asset that can be passed down to future generations. This can be a source of comfort and security, as it provides a sense of continuity. Additionally, investing in gold and silver can be an excellent way to diversify an investment portfolio.

To facilitate trading and offer you a good price according to the crypto market, you have the opportunity to accumulate property titles in the form of NFT of real gold bullion soon and silver bullion currently.

The best strategy :

The best strategy is to catch NFTs linked to bullion at the right time depending on the price, and then ask for the bullion back in physical form once the number of bullion held allows it. A destruction of the NFT will be made at the time of the physical obtaining of your bullion, Gold and Silver NFTs represent the ingots held by the $NFTL team and placed in a bank vault. Upon destruction of the NFT we destroy our duty of care and the bullion is returned to you in physical form and it is up to you to protect it.

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