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$NFTL History of playing cards

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

The year is 2038, in this world devastated by SCAMS, only one brand has held on so far, and remains to deliver clothing and quality combat gear : NFTL.

Governments use bitcoin for international and inter-planetary trade of raw materials.

In 2032, this brand, with a growing community, decided that only its $NFTL crypto-currency should be used to acquire clothing or equipment.

Some governments decided to prevent the use of this crypto-currency because these types of exchanges were done in € or $, but many have not seen this currency in their hands, and they no longer believe in its value....

Some armies needed to have NFTL equipment and could only pay in dollars. This started a war without mercy :

Those who were for the use of $NFTL like it because it is a community token that redistributes rewards directly into wallets.

And as usage increases, there are more rewards for everyone.

They like their crypto community and use Bitcoin as a gold reserve, which the $NFTL factory has been doing for years.

People living in several different ecosystems have banded together and fights are breaking out all over the world.

In this world we see 4 different ecosystems and different ways of life.

Each of them is characterized by a color.


Those who live near volcanoes and use volcanic energy. They are very aggressive and favor powerful attack.


Those who live in forests, they are very spiritual and benevolent. They are protective and defensive.


Those who live near the water adapt a little to everything, being used to having to move to the sea and live on the coast. They are versatile

and like to control their opponents mentally.


They are degenerates: they went to live with Elon Musk on Mars and ride around in a Tesla cybertrucks. They come back to earth just to fight.

They have a very dangerous fighting style, even for themselves.

Multicolor :

$NFTL Factory

Here you will find all the equipment you need for combat.

No matter where you come from, it is advisable to ally yourself with creatures or people that match your battle strategy.

And don't be afraid to use new technologies and even old methods, you'd be surprised how much damage a medieval weapon can do to a modern soldier in close combat.

You can sometimes be affected by hallucinations in combat and see non-bionic creatures from another time, but as in matrix you will feel in your flesh what you see in combat. Do not neglect anything and fight with courage.

May the $NFTL be with you!

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