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If you want to increase your visibility or even get more followers: we have solutions.

Business Team At Work


If you have a problem with your cryptos, contact us. With our years of experience, we can surely help you.

Concours d'événement de jeu

Community Manager

If your project is right we can keep your community moving by organising games and creating promotional or event videos for you.

Music Festival

50% discount on NFTs

You can purchase NFTs at 50% by contacting us and using $NFTL for the transaction. Not all NFTs are available at 50% off. TOKENOMIC NFTs are only available at 50% off from the 3rd level upwards.


Charity Event

We can help you raise money for charity. After verification. Contact the CEO.

Volunteers Packing Food

Token (cryptocurrency) creator

Creation of a custom token on demand

Portefeuille numérique sur le téléphone

Investors TEAM

For the donors (cake or $NFTL token) : we give you more information about our positions in the crypto market and the stock market. Every day you will receive our positioning and if an opportunity arises we will contact you

Trading Floor

video production

Do you want us to create a video for you? Contact us and tell us what you want and we will make the videos of your dreams for you. Whether it is for you personally or for your private life we will remain discreet.

Woman on Computer


NFT #NFTLotteryTicket holders received $NFTL tokens by airdrop at the beginning; they will be rewarded with every transaction (trading) for life. And they earn double when they play the games on twitter.


$NFTL Team

our CEO @FinanceFR1 on twitter, has been with us since the beginning. He has helped us a lot and is leading our project. Our team consists of video and text content creators, 2d and 3d artists, painters etc. We also have people who have shops in the world and animate our events by offering non virtual gifts. A partnership? contact us

Gaming Team in Black
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