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$NFTL #NFTLotteryTicket

We help talented people

or charity events

The $NFTL team is made up of NFT specialists but not only. We support talented people and charitable events. We organize events on the web, to get our community moving. The spirit of NFTLotteryTicket is still alive and well, we've made sure you can play the lottery with the $NFTL token.

You are an ARTIST
Poet, singer, sportsmen or manager charity events etc...

Come join the $NFTL team,

contact us.

We will help you. We will increase the visibility of your particular art or talent in the world on multiple media. And we'll share a portion of NFTs sales in partnership with you.

You have a New crypto project
Or NFT Project ?

Contact us. We will help you increase the visibility of your project in exchange for $NFTL tokens. We will test your project. If everything is ok. We will take care of some of your marketing. We can also create a token for you or build a crypto-currency checkout system.

VR Goggles_edited.jpg

NFT certification for profile picture

Become a $NFTL soldier and if you have tokens, talk about the project everywhere, you and the whole community will be rewarded.

To certify an NFT profile picture 
Put our website in your twitter bio (or other social media) and your public wallet address to verify that you have a certified #NFT profile picture. The #NFT transaction will be verifiable.


win 20% to 30% more in games

Soldiers win 10% more in games

$NFTL Community Token

$NFTL decentralized finance, DeFi crypto : 

All $NFTL token holders will automatically receive rewards for each (trading) transaction. Since each transaction requires a minimum of 10% slippage, this allows us to reward holders and provide funds to continue supporting artists and a automatic burning. All of this is possible because of the token's specific protocol.

nftl coin gif.gif

10% of the ticket purchase price causes an automatic airdrop to all token holders and automatic burning.

The Investor Card

Follow us on social networks. Many simple games like retweeting on twitter will allow you to win airdrops. . The NFT investor card allows you to get 1% of NFT sales per the $NFTL team on the blockchain of the chosen card at the end of each month provided you have a finished #1#2#3#4#5 collection in the same portfolio .

investor card2 GIF.gif

Investor CARD


Simple strategy:

💰 To have is to receive, for each trade, holders receive tokens.
🗣 give life and talk about this project: it also means supporting artists.
💫 pay with: fast transaction P2P. 
💞 We call it a financial virtuous circle. 

We invite you to create things around $NFTL and our NFTs because if you have $NFTL token in your wallet and our NFTs, anything you build around our project will pay off for you too. We have a community token and NFTs prices increase over time.

$NFTL Contract on BSC : 


ADAPT Slippage to swap

10% or 12% 

listed on :

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nomics logo_edited.jpg



Total Supply





TEAM and Futur Airdrops



58% LP token destroyed
42% Locked


Little by little, we are engraving and giving immortality to information or art. Why? Because in the future they will not dig for our remains. They will search in the blockchain and our $NFTL space to find the quality of humanity of today.


We are the creators of NFTs with "TOKENOMIC" distribution rules. Like the tokenomic of token, our NFTs have a predefined distribution. And some of our NFTs have a price increase as they are sold and therefore over time.

For example, an NFT with a tokenomic of $NFTL Team may can be available on multiple blockchains, but this is specified in the NFT description. This way, holders know exactly how many such NFTs there are on the market. What authenticates the NFT is its origin. The only authenticated NFTs come from our NFTL accounts and wallets.

A collection of NFTs receivable in physical version for those who want it.

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