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Investor Team

How to join the team for free

Business Meeting
Using Mobile Phones


Learn to use pancakeswap

Many youtube videos will explain you how to farm safely and for free CAKE tokens

Donating Money


10 Cake by month | 20% discount in $NFTL

Contact the CEO to be in the investor team and to make your donation of 5 cakes/month. Donations are used to contribute to the team's expenses for computer equipment and other miscellaneous operating costs. 

Busy Office
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Working on phone and laptop


investor wallet

Every day you can see the percentage of crypto and stocks we hold in the investor's portfolio. Then you decide whether to follow us or not. But it allows you to see how a portfolio of people who have been investing since 2018 are managing their cryptos and stocks. The investor team page is secured by a passcode that you receive when you are on the investor team.

A woman looking at charts on the screen


Opportunities and arbitrage

If we make a significant change to the portfolio or feel we need to act quickly, we will send you a message. We don't trade every day because it's silly. We only trade when necessary because we have a large portfolio. And once a month we buy stocks, we will tell you which ones and on request we can give you our current positions.

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