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As the launch of a new video game " Bless Global " quickly approaches, we at The $NFTL Team are eager to give back to our community and help everyone get off to a good start with this game. At the time of writing, over 2.2 million pre-registered players are waiting for the opening in 2 days.

How the $NFTL team wants to help you ?

We understand that many people are new to the genre and may not be familiar with the mechanics of the game. First and foremost, we’ve included a comprehensive tutorial guide to help new players understand the basics to register and especially to hold the cryptographic token of the game even before its registration with the explorer of the binance smart chain. And at a very early stage for investors because there are only 157 holders, NOT FINANCIAL ADVISES.

We have tested at our expense that the token is well recognized by the game, As you can see on the wallet you can download to play. The token is well recognized, so we are sure that it is the right one.

Be very careful on this wallet to download for the game, the BSC addresses to add USDT is not the same as to add $BLEC token. You must send a minimum of 10 $BLEC .

We have ordered the creation of a $NFTL / $BLEC pair so that trading $NFTL is easy in both directions :

BSC Contract number BEP-20 $NFTL :


BSC Contract number BEP-20 $BLEC :


Slippage tolerance 9%

$BLEC Does not have its own logo on Pancakeswap yet but swaps are possible

You can swap with other cryptos like BNB, but the $NFTL pair will cause rewards for people who are staking $NFTL. So we're implementing a protocol that will continue to reward our holders, and for those who want a new use case for $NFTL we're offering them the opportunity to have $BLEC tokens in exchange.

Here are the essential links to get ready to play Bless Global :

*The GAME in Google Play to play on smartphone :

*The Wallet for the game Bless Global in Google Play APP store or Apple App Store :

Wallet page to download : ( to store your NFT items in game and crypto )

Available on steam to play on PC :

how does the team want to help its community?

We want you to help each other and for that we will open a forum soon. It is obvious that the $NFTL Soldiers will be priviledged because we have for objective to start a guild.

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