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How the store's budget will be managed and what the brand's objectives are $NFTL ?

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

@JasseeNFT_Labs creator of this ART WORK Picture Soon Available in 3D NFT

This store was created for the $NFTL brand with the main purpose of sponsoring talented people and increasing our visibility.

We already have agreements in place for our brand to be visible and worn by athletes who are promising or recognized as being among the best in their field.

We will soon introduce you to some of the talented people who will be wearing our brand. An interview is planned with an athlete in about 3 weeks. The video will be available on our youtube channel. For those of you who can't resist, you can always buy clothes or other items in our store .

Take advantage of our summer clothing collection in our store for example.

$NFTL, we are the only ones to date to have created such a comprehensive and non-exhaustive community ecosystem :

✅ With a crypto ( $NFTL on BSC) on the binance smart chain that works in a community way and with use cases.

✅ NFTs from talented artists and with use cases.

✅ Untapped promotional strategies like "SpaceFarming" which we are the creators of.

✅ A physical object store.

✅ Talented people will be sponsored.

✅ We are no longer in the Bull run, so better get in now to blow up in the Bull market.

✅ All of this with a registered trademark and protected by law.


What will we do with the profits from the store ?

As it is well stated in our store, all purchases help us support talented people. So of course we will be spending some of the profits by buying $NFTL crypto and to burn some, like when a project asks for marketing help or when a person joins the investor team.

As interest in the token grows, more people will be interested in what we do and our artists and talented people will gain visibility. It brings them traffic for their personal sales. Because they are free to sell what they want on their side, we are here to help them take off.

Another part of the profits will be used to promote our artists.

It is obvious that some of it will be used to pay for all our unavoidable expenses.

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