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How to make a sports bet in crypto with $NFTL ?

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Many websites allow you to make sports bets. But very few allow it in crypto.

That's why we wanted our $NFTL holders or future buyers to be able to use the $NFTL token to place bets.

It should be noted that not all bets on will necessarily be sports bets. It will be possible to bet on other things in the future. Stay tuned via twitter or other $NFTL social media to find out what future bets the team will be placing. in the future we will let the community choose from time to time on which subject a bet will be launched.

Saturday june 25, 2022 at 21:10 French Zone.




To launch this new feature of the $NFTL token, and to pay tribute to women, we have chosen an international women's soccer match.

Always eager to please our $NFTL token users, we start with a bet that we think is easy to understand and play.

Past Match :

How to play ?

It's very simple, just connect your wallet to, click on the team of your choice, click on the + or - to adjust your bet, then click on "BUY TICKET".

You will be asked for confirmation on your wallet. Make sure it matches the amount of $NFTL you want to bet and that the amount of BNB requested in transaction fees are normal, then confirm. A window will then appear showing you who you have bet on and how many $NFTL chips you have bet.

Can I bet on my smartphone easily with $NFTL ?

Our games are compatible on smartphones with the wallet "TRUSTWALLET".

Nowadays, you can perfectly trade, play the lottery or bet on a smartphone with a Trustwallet easily with the $NFTL token.

Why did you choose a women's soccer game for this first $NFTL bet?

Simply because we believe in the potential of women. And in this sense we are currently looking for a female team to sponsor. They will carry our LOGO $NFTL.

Here in France the youth clubs open in September and we are in the midst of negotiations to sponsor a team of young women who are in the first regional this year. We will let you know if the $NFTL sponsor is accepted. This will increase traffic to our store as it will bring in funds to continue supporting talented people of all kinds.

$NFTL Team wants to support talented women in sport

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