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IT "IT" and the $NFTL vision

The cult classic, IT, has been entertaining viewers for decades. The 1990 movie, based on the Stephen King novel, follows a group of children who must face their deepest fears as they battle an ancient evil that resurfaces in their town every thirty years.

An evil entity that appears to them in the form of a killer clown.

The movie follows the Losers Club, a group of misfit kids (children being very different from others and being attacked by other children), as they try to stop a mysterious entity known as Pennywise the Dancing Clown from terrorizing their small town of Derry, Maine. The kids must confront their own inner demons while dodging the dangers of a small town full of secrets.

The movie has become a classic horror movie, with its suspenseful and eerie atmosphere. The kids in the Losers Club are well-developed characters, and viewers become invested in their story as they battle this supernatural evil.

The movie also features some great performances from the cast, including Tim Curry as "it". Curry's performance is one of the most iconic horror movie performances of all time, and his portrayal of the clown is both horrifying and mesmerizing.

IT is a great horror film, which fans of the genre should definitely see. With its excellent performances, suspenseful atmosphere and well-developed characters, it is a great horror film.

The versions of this film produced in 2017 and "IT" chapter 2 are a success and of excellent quality, and do not affect the 1990 version.

Here you see the old and the new version of this evil character. He can be found in other forms and we think there will be more in the future

The team has the pleasure to offer you the possibility to acquire this NFT dedicated to this cult story. Just as the versions of the clown will change over time our team has produced its own vision of this killer clown. This NFT on ETH Ethereum will give you the advantages of an EPIC level NFT for P2P Crypto or to have your work on limited physical media for example, but other advantages are in development.

Find your NFT Here.

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