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Updated: Oct 26, 2022

The $NFTL team has decided to give its $NFTL users the chance to bet on this UFC fight :

Saturday 08.06.2022 at (approx) 07:00 PM ET in Las Vegas.

Our $NFTL token users on the Binance Smart Chain BSC are able to bet on the UFC Fight between two women fighters. On smartphone with Trustwallet or computer with metamask.

Another difficult and therefore exciting challenge for our users to increase their crypto bag $NFTL. But These 2 women fighters are playing big for this fight. These women are coming out of a UFC reality show and need to make a professional place for themselves among the regular UFC fighters.

Women's Flyweight 125 lbs Fight

Here are their statistics :


Nationality: American

Born: 5/7/1996 (26)

Height: 5' 7''

Reach: 67 inches

Fights : 3-1-0

What the $NFTL Team think about her.

Faults :

Too linear in its movements and which lowers the head too much, it's dangerous, she risks to get caught by a kick with the head or a blow of knees.

Not very strong in transition phases, lack of take downs and judo skills.

Strong points :

She is very brave and resistant. And she has a good cardio for a 3 round fight.

She has a lot of reach.

Doesn't stop advancing on her opponent she puts good pressure.

She is strong in the ground fight phases in grappling and Jiu Jitsu.



Nationality: American

Born: 8/2/1988 (34)

Height: 5' 4''

Reach: 67 inches

Fights : 8-2-0

What the $NFTL Team think about her.

Faults :

Not very strong in transition phases lack of take downs and judo skills.

Rarely finishes her opponent, she lacks the confidence to give the next blow that will give the KO.

Strong points :

She Moves very very well in a much more circular way.

She is strong in stand up fight, like muay thaï fighters.

She boxing much better and risk to put ko its opponent .

She is very resilient and often goes to the end of regulation time and wins by decision.

How to play with $NFTL ?

It's very simple, just connect your wallet to, click on the fighter of your choice or "NULL" = (draw) The fight between the two fighters ended in a stalemate. Click on the + or - to adjust your bet, then click on "BUY TICKET".

You will be asked for confirmation on your wallet. Make sure it matches the amount of $NFTL you want to bet and that the amount of BNB requested in transaction fees are normal, then confirm. A window will then appear showing you who you have bet on and how many $NFTL chips you have bet.

Cote 1.4 = you will receive your bet amount +40% if you win.

Cote 2 = you will receive your bet amount +100%

How to support the NFTL team and give visibility to the most deserving ?

Everything we propose triggers a sharing in the community whether it is in NFT, CRYPTO, or in Store " "

Our $NFTL crypto works with an automatic sharing system.

Our NFTs trigger sharing with the artists.

Our Store allows us to meet our various costs.

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