The team has decided to allow you to choose the next tax applied on the $NFTL transactions for 2023, It is very easy to make.

During the whole year "A" you can vote for the amount of the tax that will be applied for the following year "B".

We give you the choice to decide the future of the $NFTL token.

The $NFTL transactions Tax

- Cause a distribution of tokens to the holders (staking rewards)

- return of tokens to the liquidity pool

- And makes a destruction of tokens "BURN" to increase scarcity.

It is imperative to think carefully about the effects of a tax cut.

3 possible choices and you can vote as many times as you want until the end of the year 2022:

Choice 1 = Tax 6%

Choice 2 "draw" = Tax 8%

Choice 3 = The tax remains at 10%.

In simple use:

You can do it directly on your smartphone with "trustwallet" for example or with a "metamask" wallet on computer. By using your $NFTL tokens and paying a gas fee for the Binance Smart Chain (usually less than $0.35).

We have chosen tools and sites that you are used to using for your choices HERE.

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