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$NFTL Guilds

There are players in the $NFTL community and we want the project to incorporate that aspect of the game so that everyone wins. We want the $NFTL project to host communities of players in various games and allow them to have benefits not found elsewhere.

Guilds in games are becoming increasingly popular among gamers. They provide a sense of community, collaboration, and camaraderie that is crucial to the success of many games. Whether it’s a massive multiplayer online game (MMO) or a single player game, guilds can provide players with a sense of belonging and an opportunity to socialize with like-minded gamers.

A guild is usually made up of multiple players who team up to complete objectives and tasks in a game. Typically, guilds have a leader or officers who are responsible for organizing the guild and ensuring that everyone is on the same page. Guilds can range from small, casual groups to large, organizations.

We want at least 50% of the important positions in our guilds to be for $NFTL Soldiers.

Guilds are important for many reasons. For starters, they provide players with a support system when they’re playing a game. Instead of having to figure out the game by themselves, they can rely on the advice and help of their guildmates. Additionally, guilds can provide a sense of structure and organization to the game. Players can plan out objectives, strategize together, and coordinate activities with their guildmates.

Discord (VOCAL) BETA :

Guilds are also great for forming relationships and making friends. Many guilds have developed into close-knit communities. This is also why the $NFTL team needs to be active in this area as it fits with our goal of helping the community and rewarding talented people. Our $NFTL token is a Bep20 Community token with a self-reward protocol for holders.

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