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$NFTL NFTs (non-fungible token) : their uses and prices

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Registered trademark with various possibilities

In the $NFTL project our NFTs are property titles.

The token representing your NFT in

your wallet is sufficient as proof of ownership and can unlock benefits for example.

Although the " NFT MARKET PLACE " platform has display problems, this is not a problem for the $NFTL project. All of our digitized works as NFTs are stored on multiple hard drives and in the cloud so that we can provide you with the image no matter what happens on the NFT market platform.

We are the only ones to have implemented this protection system for our clients. This gives us an incomparable adaptability to projects that can be blocked overnight due to discrepancies. For example, Iranian authors have had their NFT accounts blocked on opensea overnight. Customers are left with nothing. With us, this is impossible. We can even create NFTs directly on the blockchain if necessary.

The same is true for the plateform NFTrade, which after its update lost the display of many NFTs. This does not change the advantages of NFTs in our project. If needed our NFTs are added to our pinterest account which allows you to have access to your image permanently. And you can always contact us if you need to.

Use cases of NFTs in the $NFTL project :

An NFT has a value according to its beauty, its rarity or its use.

First of all, one of the first use cases is to become a member by wearing your NFT as a profile picture on the web with an account dedicated to this fight to democratize crypto currencies and give visibility to the artists who make the artworks. So you become a $NFTL Soldier activist.

This will get you into a community and increase your number of subscribers and the value of your NFT.

The $NFTL soldiers has access to various missions to earn crypto-currencies. This can become an additional income.

In the future some of our NFTs will be title deeds to jewels or gems, this is under development. And our trademark allows us to do so.

Many of our NFTs have a $NFTL game card equivalent :

Card playable with the rules of the game Magic the gathering.

Therefore you can play a game against a player Magic the gathering.

The NFT version of your cards are title deeds that authenticate your deck of cards.

The rare, epic or legendary game cards are really powerful in game which explains their price.

We offer NFT equivalent holders the opportunity to purchase their NFT card with $NFTL tokens and at an unbeatable price. And right now some of our NFTs are at low prices. The best strategy is to take an NFT and then contact us to get the equivalent in NFT card in exchange for 7000 $NFTL token.

NFTs on matic are cheap.

Once you have your NFT cards in your wallet, you can order physical versions of your cards at a lower price than in the store. We make available in the ( ) online store those cards that are available in physical form. The number of NFT cards is identical to the number of cards that will be issued in physical. This is a limited edition.

Customized or limited edition clothing :

All the limited edition clothes in the store are linked to an NFT which is therefore the property title.

Anyone who owns one of our artistic NFTs can have clothing or other items with the NFT artwork they own. Just contact us on twitter to make your custom order. Being the owner of this NFT artwork he is the only one who can have authenticated clothes.

A simple look at your wallet will show you if your clothes are the real $NFTL brand and not fake. This way, $NFTL soldiers can show off their $NFTL clothes because by having their wallet address in organic, everyone can verify the authenticity of the clothes they are wearing. We are the only ones to have created this concept with an organic wallet address that can authenticate the clothes. We will be copied but we remain the inventors of this concept that avoids fake clothes on social networks photos.

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6 komentarzy

Simon Bonato
Simon Bonato
16 paź 2022

Je crois fort à ce projet un projet sérieux, j'ai mis le pied dedans et j'y reste. 💪


a truly transparent and successful project will come to better places in time...


a truly transparent and successful project will come to better places in time...

Sinan Ozbay
Sinan Ozbay
13 paź 2022

a truly transparent successful project


13 paź 2022

I can't wait to have my stone ! 😋

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