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What is an Tokenomic NFT ?

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

We are the creators of Tokenomic NFTs , and we will explain to you what it is :

An NFT :

Non-Fungible Token

An NFT is a digitized or digital work of art registered in the blockchain.

Once registered in the blockchain this artwork is tokenized.

When you create an NFT, you choose the number of copies that will be available and that will be forgery-proof.

For example:

An NFT issued is in limited series and it can be stacked in a wallet, if there is forgery, it will not be stacked.

But a check of the sender's address may be sufficient to verify the authenticity of an NFT. Because if it is created via the portfolio of an artist or an official partner organization like the $NFTL team, it is necessarily created by that artist and that authenticates the work.

Transactions :

It becomes a token on a blockchain and can therefore be exchanged, or transferred from one wallet to another.

You can make offers or even put a work up for auction.

The $NFTL team takes its NFTs to another level as all our NFTs have use cases in addition to being collectable like any other art collector.

Creation of Tokenomic NFTs by the $NFTL team :

We created the Tokenomic NFTs to make them available on several blockchains and we are the creators of this unique concept.

To create an tokenomic NFT we must imperatively specify in the description of this NFT the supply available of this tokenized artwork and on which blockchain it is or will be issued and of course specify the number of similar NFT on each blockchain.

Collectors must know how many NFTs of this work of art are or will be issued to deduce its rarity and collect them in full if his goal is to own this work of art only for him.

What is an NFT level 3 in the $NFTL concept and why is this level important :

As you can see from the NFT description just above. There are sales levels and the price increases as the $NFTL team sells this NFT.

In this case of NFT :

2 first sales : 0.55 AVAX ---> This is level 1

3 to 5 : 0.75 AVAX ---> This is level 2

6 to 8 : 1.8 AVAX ---> This is level 3

9 to 10 : 5 AVAX ---> This is level 4

From level 3 you can contact us to get an NFT at half price by paying in $NFTL.

It's up to you to set up a strategy to sell it later to someone who doesn't know about this benefit using the $NFTL Token.

Why the $NFTL team created tokenomic NFTs ?

We wanted to facilitate as much as possible the acquisition of a work of art tokenized and transformed into NFT, and we know that some users use only one blockchain. Therefore, if our NFTs are not multi blockchain, they will not be available to some users.

With the $NFTL team it's solved.

Sometimes democracy is not respected and some people are blocked on a NFT marketplace because of their Country of origin. By using multiple blockchains and multiple nft marketplaces, the artists on the $NFTL team always manage to have work available to trade or sell.

With the $NFTL team it's solved.

Sometimes we have customers who want to buy our NFTs and the NFT marketplace of a website does not work properly. This is often the case at opensea. In these cases we have to be patient but if the customer is too impatient with our concept, he will find a solution. He will go to another NFT marketplace and he will find our NFTs.

With the $NFTL team it's solved.

If there is a problem on a blockchain as is the case right now on SOLANA or sometimes on ETH where gas costs are exorbitant. Our customers will always be able to find a $NFTL art work on another blockchain and acquire it today.

With the $NFTL team it's solved.

In the future, NFTs will be used more and more in games and other platforms. We cannot know which blockchains will be used in these new games or platforms. As it is the case of NFTs recognized by twitter on ETH but not on XTZ for the moment. With our NFTs you will find your art work on the blockchains used on your favorite platform.

With the $NFTL team it's solved.

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