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Who will win the WNBA game ? Phoenix Mercury vs. Chicago Sky betting in crypto is possible now !

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Once again the $NFTL team has decided to give visibility to women in sport.

Our $NFTL token users on the Binance Smart Chain BSC will be able to bet on the WNBA basketball game between two top teams. On smartphone with Trustwallet or computer with metamask.

All the prognosticators have a lot of difficulty to give a winner of this match of July 2nd 2022 between these two teams that's why we chose it : it's going to be exciting.

I'll let you enjoy this little video below that shows just how much of a fight this match will be. And these women are going to be very committed.

These two teams are among the best at the moment and have an aggressive game at times as you have seen in video.

This adds, apart from the statistics of the players, a psycological aspect that could change everything.

But we know that $NFTL token users are very brave and will be willing to choose and also talk about them to give them visibility. These women who are going to participate in this match deserve your support and will give you an exciting WNBA basketball match.

Saturday july 2, 2022 at 1:10 PM ET.


Wintrust Arena

Phoenix Mercury


Chicago Sky

null = The game between the two teams ended in a stalemate.

How to play ?

It's very simple, just connect your wallet to, click on the team of your choice or "NULL" = The game between the two teams ended in a stalemate. Click on the + or - to adjust your bet, then click on "BUY TICKET".

You will be asked for confirmation on your wallet. Make sure it matches the amount of $NFTL you want to bet and that the amount of BNB requested in transaction fees are normal, then confirm. A window will then appear showing you who you have bet on and how many $NFTL chips you have bet.

How to support the NFTL team and give visibility to the most deserving ?

Everything we propose triggers a sharing in the community whether it is in NFT, CRYPTO, or in Store.

Our $NFTL crypto works with an automatic sharing system.

Our NFTs trigger sharing with the artists.

Our Store allows us to meet our various costs.

If you like to play basketball this summer why not wear $NFTL colors ? We will continue to offer sports betting for WNBA women's basketball games.

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Sinan Ozbay
Sinan Ozbay
Jul 14, 2022

ortega wins this game.

I voted for him


Jun 25, 2022

Au top. Je vais jouer car j'ai des c.... ⚾️⚾️

I have balls to play ! ⚾️⚾️

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