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Why become an $NFTL Soldier ?

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

An $NFTL Soldier is a valiant digital activist.

Earning crypto currency as additional salary :

An $NFTL soldier earns an additional 10% for all games hosted by the $NFTL team. So if he earns 10% more $NFTL it will cancel the automatic 8% tax on $NFTL transactions.

An $NFTL Soldier has access to special, non-public missions to earn crypto currency and sometimes even Bitcoin.


An $NFTL Soldier ( @DraganInvestor ) is the creator of the #TwitterSpaceFarming that we have adopted in our concept.

Any $NFTL Soldier with a predefined amount of $NFTL in his wallet (at the moment it is a holding of more than 50 k $NFTL ) can earn Bitcoin just by listening to spaces on twitter.

The $NFTL team launches the #TwitterSpacesFarming every week in a bull market. and less often in a bear market due to budgetary reasons. These are the times when we need the community to get involved.

( in these spaces we listen to good music. We invite all DJs or other artists who want to be heard to contact us to know how to be heard in our spaces. We accept $NFTL and Bitcoin )

Gaining followers :

All $NFTL soldiers are invited to follow and welcome new $NFTL soldiers and They receive crypto currency for it.

You'll be part of a responsive and supportive community to participate in the games. Because the $NFTL protocol works to reward holders for each transaction, everyone wins. We have services to increase visibility and followers for example if needed. For that I invite you to go on the page "promotional rates" protected by an access code available on this NFT. You will see different packages payable in $NFTL.

Activism :

All $NFTL soldiers must understand that it is necessary to fight in different ways to increase the visibility of the $NFTL project because being part of the $NFTL family is a win-win situation. Without forgetting that our cause is noble because we increase the visibility on digitized artworks of talented artists or promising projects.

We invite you to create on your own all the things that would be beneficial for the community. And there are many free things you can do on any social network or website to talk about this project or build use cases for our NFTs or crypto.

Everyone wins.

How to become a $NFTL Soldier :

1. Have an NFT of our collection

2. Wear this NFT as a profile picture on Twitter for now and we will expand for non users of this media.

3. Add in your bio these 3 mentions:

$NFTL Soldier

An public wallet address

( with this NFT in it for verification and send directly the crypto earnings. )

4. Contact us to make your arrival in the $NFTL family official

How to earn even more ?

Some of our NFTs can increase the basic gain by 10% to 15% or even 30%. It's up to you to find them. Some NFTs also increase your chances of winning in random games like the lottery or when our robot has to pick winners in public games.

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2 comentarios

Simon Bonato
Simon Bonato
12 mar 2023

Très heureux d'être solda pour ce magnifique projet

Me gusta

NFT Girl
NFT Girl
05 ago 2022

I love this project, awesome work !

Me gusta
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